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     if you want add some platform depended code you can use this macros: PLATFORM_MACPLATFORM_WINDOWSPLATFORM_LINUXPLATFORM_IOSPLATFORM_ANDROIDWITH_EDITOR or try to use this: UGameplayStatics::GetPlatformName();  if((Target.Platform==UnrealTargetPlatfor
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     We usually use constraints/capsules for askeletal mesh's hit box,but how can we use our own animated collision mesh? The Physics Asset is exactly what you need.Ignore the capsule component and use the physics asset for your hit box checks. right cli
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     trying to extend aclass from two AClass to add some attributes and methods to it.but it compile error. UCLASS classes can not have multiple inherited classes,except for interfaces.So each UCLASS can only have one direct inherited class and as many i
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     Issue: ERROR:UBT error:Failed to produce item:G:\UE4.14\Engine\UnrealHeaderTool-Core.dll\Binaries\Win64UnrealHeaderTool failed for target'UE4Editor'(platform:Win64,module info:G:\UE4.14\Engine\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\DebugGame\UnrealHeade